Margarita Gocheva (co-supervision with Nikolay Kasakliev, PU), defended 2022

Mobile game-based math learning for primary school

Toni Karavasilev (co-supervision with Svetoslav Enkov, PU), defended 2021

Software framework for cryptographic services

Martin Takev (co-supervision with Miguel Rodrigez Artacho, UNED, Madrid, Spain), defended 2020

"Creating, accompanying and tracking interactive learning activities"

Maria Gachkova, defended 2020

"Gamification of a learning course in an e-learning environment"

Nikolay Handzhiyski

An iterative parsing algorithm with application in the profiling of parsers

Deyan Stoilov

Data analytics for dynamic prediction of the price movement by applying machine learning

Jordan Enev

Invariants in programming